Letters to the Editor ~ Hudson Valley 360

Aidan O’Connor only candidate worth voting for

To the editor:

I am a registered Republican and a resident of the 102nd Assembly District. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Aidan O’Connor for a number of years and regardless of party lines — this time I’m crossing over. Aidan is in my opinion the only candidate I would consider voting for. He’s proven himself to be available to his constituents 24/7 as the Town of Durham’s County Legislator.

He’s constantly getting involved with causes that are near and dear to me. Aidan is young,energetic and above all has the compassion for helping others.

There is a special election on April 24 this year.

The 102nd Assembly District needs someone who understands the problems we face. Not someone that is already spreading gossip and false information about his or her opponent. I’m urging everyone, regardless of party affiliations to cast their vote for Aidan O’Connor for the position of Assemblymen of the 102nd Assembly District.

Now is the time for change. I truly believe Aidan O’Connor is the right person at the right time to lead the 102nd AD in the coming years.

Harold Kelly

Preston Hollow


Thank you for clear explanation

To the editor:

Thank you to reporter Richard Moody for a clear explanation of how candidates in the upcoming Assembly District special election actually voted in regard to budget tax caps in their County legislatures. Aidan O’Connor has a stellar record of working to find common sense solutions to issues while also keeping our taxes reasonable. He understands the difference between a procedural vote to permit consideration of a matter and the vote for or against the budget.

Aidan is focused on what’s important: improving the economy with good-paying jobs and reliable healthcare. Aidan’s proven ability to work across party lines to find solutions that work is exactly what we need in the NYS Assembly. My husband and I are voting for Aidan on April 24.

Anne Mitchell