A government for the people, that works for you.

Aidan O'Connor Jr. Trusted. Dedicated. Results.

Growing up in a 'service before self' family, Aidan loved to problem solve and volunteer in his community. It's what led him to volunteer with the Greenville Rescue Squad while he was in high school, and it's what led him to seek a professional career in emergency medicine... serving you.

He continues that same work of dedicated service in everything he does. Aidan does not come from a family of politicians, nor has he been a lifelong member of the establishment. From becoming a first responder, to serving as a Rotarian, and now a Greene County Legislator representing the Town of Durham: Aidan believes that we look out for one another in our communities and that our representatives should look out for the people that elected them.

That is why Aidan is committed to being everywhere - in your living rooms, your front yards, at local pancake breakfast fundraisers, and in your businesses - to listen, to learn, to bring your issues and your voices to Albany. The key to constituent service is to KNOW your constituents. It's why you'll see Aidan at community events and why you'll see campaign offices across the district.

  • Dealing with Corruption, Ethical Abuses

  • Holding Down State & Local Taxes

  • Keeping Healthcare Accessible

  • Attracting Businesses, Jobs

  • Tackling The Heroin & Opioid Epidemic

  • Improving Public Schools

  • Protecting Our Environment

  • Improving Broadband, Cell Service

  • Defending the Second Amendment